Can I play Wasteland Remastered on a Mac?
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I'd love to play Wasteland Remastered, but I only have a Mac—no PC or Xbox, the only platforms for which the remaster was officially released. What, if any, are my options that don't involve buying new hardware just to play this one game? Thanks!
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Would it work on your mac otherwise? I run a copy of windows on a partition specifically to play games. Bootcamp instructions here. I mean, you'll need a legal copy of windows, and your machine would need to meet the operating requirements otherwise, but installing it and getting everything set up is pretty chill.
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Bootcamp boots your mac as a PC and has very good performance, but it can be annoying to be constantly rebooting your box to switch between Mac and PC.

An alternative is Parallels, which lets you run a virtual PC the same way you would run any application on MacOS. The PC boots in a window and then you can run PC programs on it. The performance isn't as good, but I find it much more convenient.

Both of those require that you own a copy of Windows.
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Also, the biggest problem that might stand in your way is graphics processor support. There are a few games I've played where, bootcamp or parallels, I had to play them at the absolute minimum graphics quality level because everything was being done in software.
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Would it work on your mac otherwise?

I believe so. These are the system requirements. I have more than enough RAM, and I have an Intel Core i7, which I assume exceeds the required Core i5. The only uncertainty is on the graphics - I have an Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB, according to my system readout. I don't know how that compares to the recommended graphics power.
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