Super specific "hoarders/storage auction"-type YouTube channel request
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I am searching for a YouTube (or similar) channel where the host/creator is a hoarder or estate cleanup / declutterer / storage locker auction / vintage reseller-type who actually isn't a massive idiot, handles their finds and treasures respectfully, and organises/curates them properly for resale or donation.

I won't call out any particular creators as, hey, they're just tryna make a buck, but I've been watching a lot of vids from various storage locker-types (all in the US) who bid on abandoned/unpaid lockers, then go through their finds with one hand, toss things around randomly, grab at items ineptly, and pull random stuff from boxes, say they don't know what it is, then declare it has a certain value and place it on another arbitrary box for resale.

They get shit everywhere and tackle the lockers or abandoned estates or whatever completely at random, with no logical approach or sense of structure or care. They just exclaim about stuff as they move erratically from room to room or box to box.

There was one dude I was watching who got a pile of old Dungeons & Dragons books and comic books and knew just enough about them to be 70% wrong about all of it, and just sort of tossed stuff around to "go through later" (you're going through it now!), and I hate-watched the whole thing and it left me emotionally spent.

On the one hand these sorts of detrash/declutter/cleanup/buried treasures videos appeal to me greatly, but on the other hand the complete lack of care, rigour, or desire to organise/collate/curate irritated me on a deep and biological level.

So: does anybody know of any of these sorts of channels that DO seems to know what they are doing and what they are talking about, and DO seem to care about how they handle their finds, and for the love of all that is holy DO organise their stuff into proper lots before moving it on?
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Best answer: Yes! Curiosity, Inc on YouTube. Maybe start with the series where he buys a hoarder’s house. Very respectful.
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Here to second Curiosity Inc, with a link here to the first Potter house episode. I also am grossed out and saddened by how disrespectful many portrayals of cleaning out hoarding can be, and I found this family to be beyond-even-normal-Canadian levels of kind and respectful.
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I came in here to recommend that guy too. That video series is pretty great.
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Same. There’s a playlist of the house and they meet the owner.
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Looks like you have your answer, but I'd like to add that Matt Paxton (formerly of Hoarders) has a new show on PBS called Legacy List, where he helps people declutter their homes (usually for sale or downsizing) while looking for a list of "lost" items that are important to the owner. The narrative gets very specific around these items, so you don't get a sense of what they're going to do with the rest of the stuff, but it's very respectful of the owners and their possessions, and tries to be educational as well by providing historical context around the items.
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