Virtual Escape Room Adventures
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I tried a virtual escape room adventure for the first time this weekend, and it was quite fun. I did it with my sister's family over Zoom. Does you have recommendations for other virtual escape rooms we can try? Looking for family-safe adventures.
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They are huge with Public Libraires rn. By definition, they are family-safe. Here are a couple I have heard positive feedback about:

Harry Potter

St Albert
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I did Puzzle Break’s Virtual Grimm Escape and we all enjoyed it.
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I cry forever that support for Flash ends this year. IMO Neutral games is best in class.
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No personal experience of these, but there do seem to be a lot of them out there, according to this list I found last week.
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Here is one I plan on doing this weekend. It's printable (or you can just do it on screen) and it's Pay-what-you want.
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Update: I played Taken with my sister and her family over Zoom. I liked it. It requires you to sleuth stuff using fictional FB, LinkedIn and Insta profiles which was neat. I'd give it a 7.5 score. It's $25 CDN.

I would give Alone Together a 7.0. Alone Together def requires back and forth communication between two parties. (Of course one "party" can be a two or three people crowded around one PC). It's free but they have a GoFundMe.

The librarian-made Virtual Escape Rooms are cute (see wenestvedt's post above for the massive list), but we find they are not quite in the same league. For example, when there is a lock combination to solve, these games presents you with a multiple-choice list of combinations. So instead of solving the clues to find the combination, you can just try each combination in the list until you get the right one. However, for kids these would be pretty good.

Hope to try the Virtual Grimm Escape Room!
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"BreakoutEDU games is an immersive learning game platform that brings the challenges of escape rooms to the classroom"
Playing Breakout EDU Digital Games on Zoom/Google Meet

See also,
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