Where can I fiind this table?
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I've been Maria Kondo-ing, and found this photocopy in an old decorating folder. It's old (I must have seen it before we got a color copier at work) and my searches don't turn up anything. It was painted primary colors with black borders. Anyone ever seen one? I didn't see anything like it on the Sugar Hill site.
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I wonder if you could email Sugar Hill that image and ask? It looks like a small-enough operation that you might get a personal response from someone who would know.
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Did lots of googling and can't find the actual table, but for searching for similar items, the style is referred to as "Memphis", named after The Memphis Group who help create it and popularize it.
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Cool. You could make this. Have a handyperson cut 2 pieces of plywood, and cut a groove in the top edge of one, the bottom edge of the other. They fit together in an X, viewed from above. You could have them use rectangles and cut the slots, and then you could draw the shapes you like. A small jigsaw is cheap and even I can use one adequately. Paint in snazzy colors, decoupage, whatever. At some point you could find an artsy person to paint more artistically, if desired. I have had it in mind to make side tables of this sort, to top with a tray. Glass for topping a table is not difficult to get from a window-glass or frame shop.
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