Copy and paste students into Google Classroom?
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Is it possible to paste student folders into Google Classroom via Google Drive? Much explanation inside...

I am a university instructor, and I am using Google Docs and Forms with most of my classes. My university supports Google Suite and G-mail (my and my students' university e-mail address is via G-mail). At the beginning of the semester I manually set up each class with a folder on my Google Drive, then in each class folder manually created a folder for each student, which I then shared with them. I'll create a Google Doc for homework, paste it in everyone's folder, and so far it's been pretty smooth.

I started doing all of this with Google Classroom, and for long and boring reasons I won't go into here, I abandoned Classroom in favor of the manual method I just described. Now I want to give Google Classroom another shot. So I went there and, long story short, unbeknownst to me my uni had actually created Google Classrooms for my classes, which I then activated. My students are listed there in the student list.

Now when I go to my Google Drive, I see my manually-created folder for "Class One," and the Classroom-created folder for "Class One." But in the Classroom-created folder, there are no student folders, no nothing. I guess Google just keeps that info away from my Google Drive.

So here's my question: how can I consolidate the two? Can I simply cut my manually-created student folders and paste them into the Classroom-created folders? Or would that create a major headache? I want to streamline this without having to do anything further. Google masters, help me out!
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Have you assigned any work using Google Classroom yet? If not, that’s why the folder is empty. It will populate with assignments and student work as you assign it.

Can you clarify why you want your manual folders in there, or how you are planning to use the manual folders with Google Classroom? I’m not understanding what you are trying to accomplish with your idea? There shouldn’t be any problem with copying those folders there, but I don’t see how it will do you any good either.

I’ve found Alice Keeler’s site very useful for a number of classroom tech related issues. This is her explanation of the Google Classroom folders, in case it’s useful.
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