Higher Quality Video Chat Recording?
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I'd like to record some family history video chats with my mom. Zoom's built-in video recording feature produces recordings that seem lower quality than what the hardware itself could do (an ~8MB/min low-resolution recording from zoom vs a ~300MB/min high-resolution recording from my phone). Is there an option that would record both sides of the video chat but be higher quality? She'll be using a pixel phone, while I'll be on either macOS or a pixel 4 phone.

I assume the key issue is bandwidth; is there an easy way to record separately and combine the videos after the fact? We most likely will NOT be using headphones, but could if that's the only option.
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Is there a reason you can’t do a screen recording on your computer?
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If using google hangouts is an option, I think it records in the native resolution of the call (I've seen 720p recordings there).
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