Is there a repository of R cheat sheets?
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So many packages, so few cheat sheets! It seems like pretty much any R package could use a cheat sheet. Is there a respository of R cheat sheets that is not just for the base or commonly used packages, but that includes cheat sheets for specialized packages? Even better, how about a utility that lets you assemble custom cheat sheets from component-pieces? (yeah, now I'm getting greedy, I know)

Thanks to answers to my last question, I'm whizzing along through DataCamp, but of course without using these things day-to-day, they're not just going to sear into my memory. I need cheat sheets!
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There's a search engine that focuses on searching R-related resources:; I put "cheat sheet" into it and did see some specific library result ones. It's probably worth a gander.
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Someone on github might have a bundle of r cheat sheets. There are some sites that let you build cheat sheets but I don’t know about aggregating them from other sources, except maybe Pinterest.
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The rstudio website has chest sheets
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Perhaps tl? I haven’t used it, but I use tldr (the inspiration for tl) every day.
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This is the RStudio list of cheatsheets that was mentioned above:

It focuses on tidyverse ones but they have a data.table cheatsheet in the "contributed" section, near the bottom, for the hold-outs who are still posting benchmarks on Stack Overflow.
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Here's a github of basically every data science cheatsheet imaginable. This link goes straight to the R section.
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I'll play Devil's Advocate and say the best cheat sheet is the one you create yourself, since you can prioritize commands you think you will routinely use and ignore commands you think are less important.
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