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My friend is teaching zoom classes from her laptop and is having trouble keeping her eyes focused on the camera. I want to surprise her with a little picture doohickey to hang from the top of the laptop screen to help her - something that would surround the camera and draw her eye, but not cover the camera or very many of the actual screen pixels. Apple doesn't tell me these particular dimensions in the technical specs, of course, so could one of you wonderful mefites please measure your 17" 2018 Mac Book Pro for me? How much space from the physical top edge to where the pixels start, how wide is the camera, and how far is the camera from the edge? TIA!
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There is no 17" 2018 MacBook Pro; the last 17" model was the "Late 2011" sold until June 2012.
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Assuming you mean the 16" MacBook Pro, I have one in front of me so…

How much space from the physical top edge to where the pixels start: 11cm
how wide is the camera: 3cm
how far is the camera from the edge: 5cm

Those pieces are super close together on this computer, they really worked on a smaller bezel to squeeze this enormous display in.
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Gah, just missed the threshold for editing: I meant millimeters. Sorry, both American and it's morning.
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The 16” came out in 2019, so, I guessing it’s actually one the 15”’s.
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2016 15" MBP screen camera picture.

My 2016 13" has the same size bezel.
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Amazon sells various cute camera covers
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