poor quality sources needed
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Poor quality source on Ancient Egypt needed. I want to try and show students the difference between a high quality source and a low quality source, but I'm struggling to find actual examples of lower quality sources. Audience of 11-13 year-olds.

Hooray for remote learning! Hit me up with the dodgiest looking websites you can find, please!
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What about some Graham Hancock??
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I don't know what source would be best for this but there's a lot of sketchy
articles out there about Egypt and aliens, Wikipedia even called it pseudoscientific https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_astronauts
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https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/940347/Time-travel-speed-of-light-prof-aliens-built-pyramids-UFO this looks like the sort of thing I'm looking for... keep them coming!

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Erich von Daniken?
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Here's a nice debunking of von Daniken using Pacal, and Maya symbolism: Pacal

This analysis allows you to elide the symbols with von Dainken's awful misinterpretation of the image.
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You can’t go far without Pyramid Power!

Apparently the Egyptian pyramids were used keep razor blade sharp among other things.
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You might want to even point out that even schools can provide low-quality sources. Despite what some schools have taught in recent decades, Egyptians were not masters of "precognition, psychokinesis, remote viewing and other underdeveloped human capabilities." More background here and here.
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depending on where you live* you could cite the actual bible as a poor quality source.

*frex not if you live in the parts of america where ppl will like. shoot you. for doing that.
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Some of these are probably too risqué for showing the whole article to other people's children, but others would make hilarious screencaps.
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Chiming in on Daniken; specifically the 1972 documentary (!) film version, narrated by Rod Serling (!), and nominated for an Academy Award (!!). It is so cheesy; it used to run once or twice a year on tv, and eventually I got embarrassed even laugh watching it.
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My Egyptology lecturer told our class if anyone had Budge or Von Daniken in their bibliography it was an instant fail.

Not sure what the hating on early Egyptology was about.
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