How are dead actors paid?
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When a dead actor is recreated by CGI, is the actor’s estate paid? Think Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing.
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Best answer: Yes.
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Best answer: This article offers an overview of legal issues: No industry is weirder than the dead celebrity hologram industry (Vox, Oct. 23, 2018, "The big question is how to obtain all the materials you need to make a dead celebrity hologram. The legal issues around that rights and archives gathering are still pretty murky"), and this one is more specific: “Delebs” and Postmortem Right of Publicity (ABA, Jan/Feb 2016)
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Fascinating. Neither article addresses the dead performer's manager and the manager's fees. Does his manager still get 10% (or whatever is the take) if something the performer did when they were alive and managed is used?
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Also see the term "Fake Shemp", which is the term for an actor being substituted for another in a deceptive way. It's been done to replace dead (Bela Lugosi), injured (Harrison Ford) and unwilling actors (Crispin Glover), and the Screen Actor's Guild has rules about it now.
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