Looking for background images to use for video meetings
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I need help finding background images to use for video calls that my team has over Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Like many others, I'm working from home for the time being. I have my workspace set up in my basement. My basement is messy and full of junk and it's awkward having it visible on video calls. I can change the background, but the default options are all either silly things (i.e. outer space, tropical beach) or office backgrounds that are way too pristine/fancy to be realistic. Is there somewhere I can find background images to use for video calls where the image actually looks like it would be from a regular person's home office?
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The BBC set archive technically has offices...
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/r/zoombackgrounds is mostly fanciful but there are some offices, mostly famous.
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Go through Zillow listings and steal some images?
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Pixabay: Interior
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Here are 8 backgrounds of office and conference spaces.
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zoombackground.io, filter by Home.
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I assume you are a regular person. Go take a picture of a nicer area of your house and use that as your background. Do you have a wall with a bookcase? That would make for a good background.
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I am a regular person with a pre-schooler. Most bookcases I have are filled with toys. There isn't an especially professional-looking part of my house that would fit well.
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West Elm and Behr and a few other home-space retailers are making these for free.
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ZoomerBackgrounds has "home offices" in addition to plenty of other options, too.
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Here is one bookcase option.
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(I should add, that image looks so so when you just look at the photo, but I have it as a zoom background and it looks good there.)
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If you're worried about permissions related to images copied from the Internet, try the results of an Advanced Google Search with the Usage Rights flag set to one of the Free options.
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Own the fact that you are using a picture and take one of your actual office, your city or a local sight.
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Yeah, I dug up vacation photos from the 1980s and have been using those.
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