What Are Your Favorite Mods for Fallout 4?
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Since the quarantine started, I've fallen into a sort of a addiction with this game, especially after discovering Nexusmods.com to jazz up the vanilla version. Eager to hear what your favorite mods are for FO4 - can be any type, category, etc. Which mods make replays exciting and vital for you? Also, bonus points for anyone who can walk me through adding Script Extender without wrecking anything internally with the game - I've heard differing reports about how stable it is.
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Sim Settlements is an absolute must for overhauling the way settlements work. You set up "lots" for different purposes and the settlers build up the areas themselves over time.

Survival Options lets you customize survival mode in a ton of different ways.

There are a TON of ENB mods that change the textures, etc. Vogue ENB is a good one.

Damn Apocalypse reduces loot so you aren't finding as much valuable loot and aid in open containers. IMO, it makes the game more fun.

Start Me Up is an essential mod that lets you change how the game starts. After you design your character at the mirror, you can "wake up" at a wide variety of locations with a wide variety of supplies. It really helps to make each play through feel unique.
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Standback It's going to be a long list, it will be alphabetical

My must Haves

Darker Nights
Full Dialog Interface.
Improved Map with visible Roads
Lowered Weapons
More Smarter Companions Mod
Place Everywhere.
Salvage Beacons.
Scarvers Backpacks
Scrap Everything.
Settlement Keywords Expanded.
Settler & Companion Dialogue Overhaul (this is a dream if you've played the game a lot)
Tabs Missing Fix (for when you mess up & tabs go missing which they will).
True Storms
Unofficial Fallout 4 patch.

settlement building.

Balcony Supports
Better Junk Fences
Better Settlers
Brighter Settlement Lights
Busy Settlers.
DD Craftable Foundations
DD Stackable Wood foundations
Do it Yourshelf
Anything by Elinora
Faster Workshop
Sign of the Times
Half width Shack Walls
Handmade Turrets.
Hangman Alley Patch
Higher Settlement Budget or Increased Build Limit.
Immersive Settlers
Increased Settler Population
Kraggles Structures
Longer Power Lines
Manufacturing Extended
More Scavenging Stations
Northland Diggers
NVM Playing House
OC Decorator
Orphans of the Commonwealth (adds kids as setters)
Port Royal Main (lots of ships & ship stuff)
Quieter Generator Sounds
School Desk (if you add kid settlers).
Settlement Supplies Extended.
Snap Beds
Snappy Housekit
Solar Power
Stackable Brick Walls & foundations
Starlight Drive in Fix
The Cosy Scaver
Tidy Settlers. (make those settlers clean up their own damn settlements)
Wall Oil Lamps
Where are my Provisioners. (you don't use it a lot but super handy when you need it).
Woodys Wasteland Stuff.

Armor & clothing & looks.

Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Armorsmith Extended.
Bodyslide & Outfit Studio
(those 3 are so other mods will work)

Anything by Elinora
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
The eyes of Beauty.


Companion Whistle
Danse GTFO of Power Armor

If you want to make it harder or a different Game

No Stim for you
No Food
Sim Settlements - This is a whole way of building settlements they've bought in a raider storyline & lots of downloadable content. These include Conquest & Rise of the Commonwealth at the very least.
Start me Up. If you don't want to do the same beginning over & over.
Survival Options
Insult to Injury.

Things to note I've had some of these downloaded a while so not sure what is & isn't still available in Nexus. Also some stuff has switched over to being on Bethesda.net
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Stuff I use that hasn't been mentioned yet:

modern firearms 2.whatever. There is/was a version on bethesda.net, but I'm using a version farther along that's on their website so you'll have to install it manually through vortex. Anyway, it adds... modern firearms. A whole bunch of real-world guns with lots of options for everything. Some of it it still kinda half-assed, with janky animations etc. It's configurable, but the default is that the guns it adds are *very* powerful and hostile NPCs have them too. Spicy!

Deadly commonwealth -- adds a bunch of different raider, gunner, and super mutant types out there, as well as a bunch of new bosses.

radio beacon kit -- lets you craft a thingy that scraps back to the stuff you need to build a radio beacon, so you don't have to remember what junk you need

extended facial sculpting -- for when you want to do your own monster factory

outcasts and remnants, project valkyrie, tales from the commonwealth -- new quests. on the one hand, eye-rolling strippers and such, and even pimps in pimp-suits. on the other hand, adds a new faction of brotherhood outcasts who left because the brotherhood are nazi magahats. you can sort of make peace with the institute and turn it into a pimpy party zone.

clear weather only -- my reaction to rad storms and foggy weather is to just sit down someplace and wait until it goes away, so I like this
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The most-endorsed mods on the Nexus are a pretty reliable indicator of quality.

Beware that Sim Settlements can easily slow your computer way way down. One or two should be fine, just be wary of using more than that. Wasn't worth it for me.

Place Anywhere is the most essential mod when building your own settlements.

For extra replay goodness, the mods which add voiced companions are excellent. I forget the names but I'm sure they are the most downloaded and endorsed. Heather (Something) is the name of one.
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