Best macOS app to remove PRIV, COMM, UFIC, NCON, etc. frames/ID3 tags?
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I have long stripped hidden PRIV, COMM, UFIC, NCON, etc. "frames" or tags from MP3 and MP4 ID3 tag sets, on principle. I'm not interested in having personal info embedded in my music. But many previous programs to do this don't have a GUI (eyeD3) or aren't available for Mac (e.g., Windows programs ID3-TagIT and Desiccate). Kid3 works on macOS, but not well. I don't want to have to remove and re-add all the ID3 tags. Can you recommend newer software to remove my personal metadata from MP3's and MP4's?
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Does xACT reach the fields you want?

It's free and awesome.
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Mutagen, or one of the packages that use it, like Quod Libet/Ex Falso?
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Response by poster: It didn't appear that xACT did what I wanted, alas. I ended up using Kid3 again, which has mostly stopped having that annoying error where it would just delete all the tag data. I ended up filing a bug report in GitHub for Quod Libet/Ex Falso, because while it sounded promising, it was showing with an incorrect and unreadable font, at least on my version of macOS. So that's the answer for now!
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