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Bahamas honeymoon help?

So for our honeymoon, the future Mrs. Teishu and I are planning on going to the Bahamas this summer, specifically a couple days in Nassau followed by a week on Staniel Cay. We wanted to go someplace that is pretty deserted yet still cheap to get to and stay at and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly (we looked at Mexico a lot, but airfare was more than twice as much than to Nassau). We're flying into Nassau on Jet Blue, then a couple days later flying Flamingo Air to Staniel Cay. Our questions are as follows...

1. Has anyone here been to any of the out islands, specifically Staniel Cay, what should we expect that the guide books etc. don't warn us about?

2. If anyone has any experience with Chamberlin Cottages on Staniel Cay, that would be very helpful, since we're about to send a deposit for the stay, we're hoping that we won't show up and find no room or something equally dreadful.

3. Good things to see in Nassau? Recommended hotels? We only have a day and a half here so we want to catch the good stuff. The pirate museam looked interesting, but otherwise we have no plan.

4. We're both vegan, any tips from anyone else vegan/veg would be helpful. We're planning on bringing a lot of our own food.

Thanks in advance. We're stoked.
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Although I haven't been to the Bahamas myself, I very much recommend the Lonely Planet forums as a fantastic place to ask any travel question. On previous trips to Malaysia and the Yucatan I got some incredible recommendations from there.
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I liked the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau when I stayed there for a 4 days in late 2003. Their private beach is pretty small and the cruise ships dock nearby but the hotel itself is quite nice and is within walking distance of many shops.
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