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I'm making over my bedroom starting with my bed! I would like help finding specific links to sheets, duvet covers, throws, etc that will make my bed a lovely place to be. Details inside!

I've scrolled through countless pages at Target, Ikea, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, etc and I'm just a bit overwhelmed at this point. I'm doing a complete overhaul - new mattress, new frame, new everything. Right now I wanna talk linens/pillowcases/throws/duvet covers. I own a down alternative insert, size queen, I'd like to keep.

I've made 2 mood boards to pull inspiration from (colors, etc). The room will eventually be one or the other, not both.
Board 1 || Board 2

I like textures like pom-poms, embroidery, tassels, details, shapes, abstract patterns like color blocking and grids. Opal House by target hits some boxes for me, as does some Anthropologie and Ikea. Not looking for: culturally appropriated designs (things labeled "southwest" or "Navajo"), florals, animal print.

Budget is Ikea-level. Bed size is a queen. Difficulty level: short-haired dog.
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This is gonna sound weird, but these sheets I found at Target - the ones billed as being "benzoyl-peroxide resistant" - are the softest dang sheets I've ever slept in. I have no idea what it is about that treatment that makes them feel so soft but I love them.
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Best answer: Please treat yourself to Dusen Dusen sheets, I have found them to be high quality and long lasting. I particularly like "Rocks" and feel it would suit mood board #1 just fine.

You may also like these blankets from Cold Picnic. I can't personally vouch for quality in the same way, as I don't own any of their stuff, but they are beautiful.
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Response by poster: Not to threadsit - but the vibe of Dusen Dusen is exactly what I'm going for, though a tad more expensive than I'd like to spend on sheets. I don't have the words to describe that I want things that are designed rather than just styled, but Dusen Dusen hits the spot!
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I highly recommend a body pillow. I used to believe they were just another frou frou bed accessory that would mostly be in the way when any serious sleeping needed to be done, but no! I can not go without my body pillow now. Its wonderful to cuddle with, doubles as a bolster when you want to sit up in bed, and in a pinch it becomes my "snore guard" between me and Mr. Westridge when he's noisy.
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Try Society6. Loads of choices of duvet covers in that Pop art abstract happy pastels style. Showcases artisan digital prints. Not expensive, but for that price you’re getting synthetic microfibre poly fabrics.

I’d suggest getting a nice plain white cotton or linen duvet cover, and then layering one of these printed coverlets and pillow shams on top. Super easy to wash, for your very cute dog!
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I love the company store linens.
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Oooh!! Ooooh!!! I'm so excited to have an excuse to tell someone about silk/satin pillowcases!! If you're a person who's into haircare (or at least is into your hair not being frizzy), I strongly suggest investing in one. I just bought one and I can't believe this secret has been kept for me for my whole frizzy-haired life. I get the "cool side of the pillow" feeling all the time and my hair feels like I deep conditioned it when I wake up in the morning. So it definitely meets your "make my bed a lovely place to be" criterion, although it will be a bit spendier than most pillowcases- although you only have to buy one. I did some research and got this one, which seemed like the best balance of quality and price. The "English rose" color, and maybe "deep lavender," would work well with your Bumble Gumbs mood board.
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Seconding Company Store for patterns, embroidered items, etc. (& they have frequent sales); over at Pottery Barn (Teen) there are pom-pom bolsters, pillows, throws, sheets, and other embellished bedding; Macy's confetti sheets, matelasse (used to be more in this category; oh, Company Store has textured shams and more bedding in the creamsicle / sherbet shades in your boards), abstract mark sheets; Vermont Country store for pom dust ruffle, pom blanket, and a non-floral textured chenille; and I have to run, but see also Garnet Hill, patterned and embroidered bedding.
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We upgraded our bed this year with a Tempur-pedic mattress from Costco, West Elm linen sheets, along with a down comforter and duvet cover from Crate and Barrel. Not cheap, but so worth it, finally feels like I’m sleeping in a comfy hotel bed every night.
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I dont know when this will be coming back in stock, but Gingerlily silk filled duvets are the very best thing I have ever bought. I've had mine for 12 years and it's still amazing and cozy and not too hot ever.

So worth it. Really. I sleep on Target sheets and TJ Maxx pillows but this duvet makes me love my bed so much.
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Best answer: Banyan Bridges’ style of murals are an inexpensive way to get the style and colour palette you like using $5 paint samples, which could allow you to get easy to find, plain-coloured sheets and save a buck there, but still have a vibrant looking bedroom.
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Have you looked at muji? Their prices are IKEA, sometimes even cheaper, but IMO, their style and quality are better. I have muji bedlinen.
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Seconding Garnet Hill for the quality of the bedding—very crisp, luxe percale. Most of the prints are not your jam but the dots could be part of the mix.
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Marimekko does some florals, but if you scroll down a bit, you'll see some other patterns that might appeal more. I have an old green/blue variation of the Jurmo design here, and it's gorgeous.
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