Clenched fists while sleeping
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The last several weeks I have woken up with very sore hands, because I've been clenching them so hard while asleep. Not every night, but many nights. I know it is stress and whatnot, but that isn't going away soon. I have nighttime wrist braces that I could wear, but I could easily clench my fist in them when I tried them on. Suggestions for what I can do to mitigate this?
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I've found a nighttime magnesium pill to be helpful with my overly tight muscles
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Yoga might help, or heavy aerobic exercise if possible. Anything to physically relieve tension before you go to bed.
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Hello, me! This is my previously on the matter with many good suggestions.

I ended up sewing some Tsum Tsum dolls onto dollar store stretchy gloves with the fingers cut off. I still use them from time to time. Without Tsum Tums, balled up socks would do the trick.
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I second the magnesium pill. I took one before bed for a couple weeks and then stopped and the problem has not come back so far.
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Maybe some hand stretches before bed and/or in the morning might help if you can't fully prevent the clenching?

When I do these stretches my hands feel like wet noodles after. The video is a training class for stretch coaches, but it should give you a good set of exercises to do to relieve tension in your hands and forearms.
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omg, I've been doing this a lot recently. My hands get clenched and then I push on them, making it worse.

What I've found to help is to flatten my hand and stick them between the pillows that I'm sleeping on when I wake up and notice that I'm clenching/ pushing.
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