Liquid fertilizer directions?
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I am wondering if someone knows the answer to this, google has entirely failed me. I have a liquid general-purpose fertilizer (Dr. Earth's). The directions instruct you to mix up four tbsps. with one gallon of water. Okay, fine. But the directions don't let you know how much, say, you would then use for the plants/shrubs/trees you are using it on. Does anyone know?
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Dr. Earth's website shows all their liquid fertilizers. Open the one you want and click onto the second or third picture of the back of the container. They all have instructions for how much to feed immediately under the mixing instructions.
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Different plants have different needs at different times of year, so the kind of guideline you’re looking for will be something like “every other watering while flowering and fruiting, every fourth watering the rest of the year”. And even that might be different for container plants, which use most of the water in transpiration relative to ground plants that lose some to groundwater, competing plants, maybe higher evaporation...

Failing anything else, try that concentration once a week during periods of rapid growth, once a month otherwise. And look up what the telltales are for your favorite plant about yellow leaves, too much weak growth, etc. And don’t over feed plants adapted to spare environments....
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You use the mixture instead of water. How frequently you need to fertilise really depends on the plant, the potting medium etc and you’ll need to look up any plant specific recommendations. But yes, generally more frequently during growing season.
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In general, you use as much fertilized water as you would when watering the plant. (Soak the entire pot or area around the plant.)
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You use the mixture instead of water.

Yeah. It's more like food than medicine, if that makes sense.

The rule I've seen is 'weekly, weakly' meaning you can use a little less fertilizer than the label calls for. I feed maybe once a month (or not at all) during the winter and step it up during the growing season. Most plants I don't worry about it unless they're in a burst of growth (like my orchids are throwing out a lot of leaves now, so they are getting (orchid) fertilizer every time I water.)
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I'd use it at least once a week, as water - especially if you are only using organic fertilizer in potted plants (they'll do significantly better than granules only). You can try a half-strength solution at first, as A Terrible Llama suggests, then work your way up to full strength as you see how your plants do.
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