counting sheep mp3 by Fullmetal Alchemist Japanese voice actor?
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Years ago, when Fullmetal Alchemist (the first one) aired, someone released an mp3 of the seiyuu/voice actor for Roy Mustang either counting sheep or just plain counting in Japanese, probably from 1 to 100 or similar. It was extremely soothing. I have since lost my copy, and haven't had any luck finding it on the internet--does anyone know where to find this audio file?
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You're looking for Hitsuji de Oyasumi, vol. 2. (Japanese wikipedia)

And I'm going to take a moment to editorialize and say that one of the many reason I prefer 2003 FMA to 2008 is that Miki Shin-ichiro was miscast as Roy Mustang and they should have brought back Tohru Ookawa. It is 2020, yet for some reason I still have opinions about this.
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Is this the one? You could also get it used off Amazon Japan.
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A bit of TMI: he's actually counting 'one sheep, two sheep, ...' because obviously that's how you get to sleep.
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Hello, y'all, thank you so much! I have ordered it used off Amazon Japan through a shipping service and crossed my fingers that shipping happens at all, given the situation.

Aside: Funny story, my sister and I (Korean-American) had no idea that you were counting sheep to go to sleep because it wasn't any Korean tradition our poor mother had heard of. The first time my sister heard of sheep-counting, she tried it and imagined the first sheep rocketing to the moon, the second jumping over a fence, the third shooting baskets, and so on because she thought that was the point of the exercise. Needless to say, this was the opposite of sleep-inducing...

(This also made the title of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? completely incomprehensible until someone explained it to me.)
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