Film scenes where characters interact with background music?
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What are your favorite scenes in film that feature popular songs where the on-screen characters actually sing along or otherwise interact with the music?

Generally speaking, I'm not talking about scenes where characters just sing or dance along to music that happens to be playing in the background, I'm thinking more of music that relates to or affects the plot.

Examples of this that I can think of are the "Tiny Dancer" scene in Almost Famous and the "Wise Up" scene from Magnolia. Any others?
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The "Age of Aquarias" scene at the end of The 40 Year Old Virgin was pretty great.
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Although I hated the movie, dislike the actors, etc, I've always been very impressed by the scene where Cameron Diaz sings karoake in My Best Friend's Wedding. There's a similar scene in another of the director's movies (which I also did not like), Muriel's Wedding. Those scenes certainly exceed the just singing along thing, and are important to plot and character development. They are also admirably difficult to watch.
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