Ever re-stuffed a sofa?
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Has anyone ever tried restuffing a La-Z-Boy recliner sofa? This is basically the sofa we have had for about 5 years. The wooden bones are solid but the cushions have been sat on to the limit of what they could handle. We could get a new one but it kind of seems like a waste and a hassle when everything else about it is fine. I see some things on google to investigate, but I was wondering if anyone had first-hand experiences and/or warnings. Thanks!
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Best answer: Do the cushions detach, or are they all integrated with the piece? If it's the first, stuffing the cushions should be straightforward. If the latter, you'll need to carefully undo the upholstery, stuff/steam, re-sew, then re-tack or re-staple it back to the frame. The stuffing for seats and backs were usually large pieces of foam rubber with some lightweight poly batting sheets wrapped around them.

Anecdotally, what I can pass on is this: my grandfather was an old-school upholsterer. I used to occasionally help in his shop, and was generally given the job of stripping furniture - carefully removing the staples one at a time to remove the fabric so it could be used for patterns on the new stuff. It was tedious work to say the least. My main tools were an ice-pick and a small hammer. I can also pass on that his positively least favorite pieces to work on were any sort of recliner.
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Best answer: If the cushions are detachable and have zippers, it's super easy. You most likely have a foam supplier in your city who does this. I had mine done a couple years ago for about $200. They cut the foam to size, wrapped it in the batting, and put them back together in about 20 minutes.
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Response by poster: They don't seem to be removable from the last time I turned it upside down to get all the crumbs out. :(
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Do they have zippers? I was able to get new foam into my attached cushions using this trick.
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