I don't have life insurance but I think I should have a will.
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to outlive everyone in my family, except my younger sister and her family - I believe they're doing very well financially - and I don't want my estate to go to her by default next-of-kin.

I'm also convinced that I'm going to die in my apartment during this fiasco and no one will find me until they smell the smell. Paranoia, yes.

In terms of donating to charities, I know what causes I'd like to support. Homelessness, gender equality, prisoner's rights, food insecurity, poverty, free healthcare, free education, universal basic income, causes along those lines, in the US.

Any suggestions for specific charities I should donate to? Better ideas for what to do with whatever's left? It probably wouldn't be more than $20-50K, if that.
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Give Directly
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Look for a community foundation in your city.

As far as the paranoia, set up a plan with a friend to text every x days so that he or she can investigate if the text doesn't come. Pretty much a version of a dead-man's switch.
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MetaFilter! ;)
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I, too, am thinking a lot about getting my affairs in order. I try to avoid dwelling on the possibility that I'll die alone in my condo during this pandemic, but I don't always succeed. Your profile says you're in Portland, OR. If it would help to have a local buddy who's in a similar situation to check in with regularly via text, feel free to MeMail me.

As for organizations to support: perhaps the Oregon Food Bank or the Economic Security Project?
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Gender justice league is a group in Washington State that advocates for trans rights and works to help trans people in need.
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