Recommend a good third-party power adapter for an Apple PowerBook?
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Can anyone recommend a good third-party power adapter for an Apple PowerBook?

I want to get an additional power adapter for my PowerBook G4 12 (Rev. C). I plan on using the extra adapter while I'm "out and about" (I'll keep it in my laptop bag), so I want something relatively sturdy that can take a beating. FYI, I'm going to keep my existing Apple adapter plugged in at home.

I've looked into getting the official Apple adapter, but it is a bit pricey and has a reputation of breaking down (i.e., "popping"). Is there anything on the market that is cheaper than Apple's adapter, more reliable, and has a long cord (e.g., 10 ft)? Looks/design aren't as important to me over function, although I don't want to haul around a 5 lb power brick! I suppose I would be willing to pay a premium (Apple's price or a bit higher) if I can pick up an adapter that will last me for a while.

I've searched Google and found some options, but I'm looking to hear from PowerBook owners who have used third-party power adapters and get their opinions.

Thanks for any information you can offer!
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I have an iGo that I keep in my laptop bag, and it meets almost none of your requirements. It's not especially sturdy (I previously had a Kensington knockoff of it, which died a horrible death), not cheap at all, the cord is pretty short, and it has a pretty blue glow.

It does, however, have the ability to use either AC or 12VDC "lighter plug" as a power source.

I've also got three Apple power adapters, and I find them to be excellent. If they could do the 12VDC thing, I'd just carry one of those.
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I have an Igo as well. And it has been wonderful. The Igo with the Juice Unit has shaved down the number of gadget power supplies I have to carry around to just two. It has lowered the overall weight of my laptop bag.

I find it to be sturdy as hell, convenient for any power source, and they're always making new tips for it, so when I get new toys they still work with my Igo.
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I haven't used one of their adapters since the Powerbook 1400 era, but I've never heard of complaints with MadsonLine. And it says something that this little online retailer has survived Apple's good times and bad times alike, over the past decade.

The cord they provide is only 32", tho.

Whenever I give in and get a second AC adapter for my current PowerBook, it'll be from Madson.
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The adapter made by Macally is quite cheap (I got mine on Amazon for about $25) and very sturdy. It's not nearly as pretty as the Apple one, but it won't break on you like mine did.

Mine is for an iBook, but I'm pretty sure that the G4 iBooks and Powerbooks (at least the 12" PBs) use the same adapter. Double check on that, at least.
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