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I'm having an issue with Pocket Casts not downloading certain podcasts episodes. Is it time for a different app or can this be fixed?

Sometimes, for some podcasts, Pocket Cast will not download episodes. It happens intermittently but not infrequently, and I'm not sure if the issue is with the app or something else. Some important info:

- As mentioned, this is intermittent and happens across multiple podcasts
- Usually, but not always, the episodes are longer (1+ hours)
- When this happens, I can often download other episodes from different podcasts
- This shouldn't be an issue with my internet/network, because it will happen when I'm doing other internet-y things with my phone or computer
- I'm on a Pixel 2
- Unfollowing and re-following the podcast doesn't resolve the issue, nor does uninstalling and re-installing the app

Any thoughts on how to fix or should I just get a different app? If so, please recommend one for Android!
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I can't help you other than to say that I use Podcast Addict as my app and I've never had any such problems.
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I'm a long time PocketCasts user on a Pixel2 and don't have any of the issues you describe. They seem to release very frequent updates so presumably they take user feedback seriously and fix the reported issues.

If I were you, I would
1) Go to Profile (Person-shaped button on bottom right of home screen) and make sure you're Signed In to your account
2) Clear your cache/app data (Android Settings-> Apps & Notifications -> See All xxx Apps -> Pocket Casts -> Storage & Cache -> Clear Storage, Clear Cache)
3) Start the app again, it should recognize your account - if not, sign in again
4) Hopefully its fixed

If not, there's a "Get in Touch" button at the bottom of this page - I'd contact the developer directly: https://support.pocketcasts.com/android/
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Do you mean that Pocket Casts will refuse to download any episodes of a given podcast (i.e. I can download all of 99% Invisible, but no episodes of Serial)? Or that you can't download a specific episode, but other episodes from that podcast work (i.e. I can't download episode 3 of Serial, but episodes 1, 2 and 4 download fine)?

If it's the latter, occasionally, podcast publishers will mistakenly post an unfinished or otherwise wrong episode, remove the .MP3 file, but leave the listing in the RSS feed. Pocket Casts looks at the RSS feed, sees an episode, but doesn't realise until it's time to download that the episode isn't actually available any more. This is reasonably uncommon, but it does happen.

More information would be useful to diagnose this further - specifically
  • if you could name any specific podcasts/episodes affected that would be helpful
  • what exactly Pocket Casts does when you try to download (does it give you an error message? does look like it's downloading but never make any progress? does it just not acknowledge you hitting the download button at all?)
  • does the problem persist forever once it occurs or does it go away again at some point

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Thanks for the answers--I tried what schwab recommended and it worked! :)
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