Need a 2 person skit. Difficulty: video only due to social distancing
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Please help this frazzled parent help two 12yo girls find a brief comedy skit they can record via Zoom or Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

My 12yo + her best friend have been performing very brief comedy skits at their annual elementary school talent show for the past several years. In the past, I've helped them find content on drama club or camp skit web sites... but this year, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the whole thing and the talent show will be virtual.

Most preferably, I'm looking for something already written for the video or phone medium, or *very easily* translated to it. No more than 2 minutes. Obviously, it needs to be family-friendly. 2 actors only, though we can provide background actors if necessary.

Bonus points if it incorporates social distancing, video chats, online learning, etc, in a kid-friendly non-triggering way.
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Dead Parrot?
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My brother and I thought that Monty Python's Cheese shop sketch was pretty hilarious at that age although you might to change the ending.
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They should write something!
Bad ideas:
Something about dirty hair being the new fashion? Who can look the worst?
Something about making a dummy of themselves so that they can skip out on online learning?
Or like a modern version of the cheese shop sketch where one of them is a customer service rep and the other is trying to order various things and they're out of stock...

I don't know, I'm not cool. Give them a bunch of topics to improv on, record that conversation, save the best parts and have them edit/make it better/funnier.
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The Potion Seller! With each side using the appropriate warp filter. It's three minutes, but has a lot of redundant dialogue that could be cut.
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any Monty Python two-hander will work. Very easy to adapt The Argument Clinic into a a video-chat format, for example.
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Who’s On First?
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I c penny; which will need a few extras
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Confessions of a Tooth Fairy fits the bill.
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The Man Without (see page 4) was a recurring favorite in my school's drama club. The more slapdash the costumes (and costume changes) are, the better. Also +1 to Dead Parrot (cut all the "bloodies" and it's clean) - I performed it at summer camp with a slightly older friend who knew about all sorts of cool grownup things like Monty Python (lol), and being introduced to it felt like being let in on a big amazing secret.
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Here is one that might work. They could probably change the purchase item to something else if they wanted to and beef up the dialog to make it a little longer.
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Listen, this is a Tik Tok video, but it would make a GREAT two person skit, and work well over video chat. It's topical and and if you're worried about it you can always cut the slightly political bit at the beginning (re: "now your father doesn't usually trust the government...).
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This brought to mind what scouts call "walk-ons" or "run-ons," where someone walks or runs on stage, and another person reacts. Here's a selection, and many more. They're pretty short, so the kids could record a few. Lots of puns.
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