Help me find an exercise in figuring out what you want out of life
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I'm looking for an exercise I came across years ago, the kind that help you decide what you want your life to look like. I believe it had you split a paper into four quadrants, then you were to write 1 thing in each. It might have been things that made you happy, or were important to you, or things you wanted in your life, I don't remember exactly. I don't remember if there were restrictions such as 1 x thing, 1 y thing, or not. But they key was they were not family, friends, relationships, etc. It took for granted that you wanted those things, and the exercise was to dig deeper and find the second-level things you want/value in your life and not the few things that most everyone wants. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Best answer: Could be Stephen Covey’s time management quadrants from 7 Habits?
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Response by poster: Not it but it led me down a slightly different google rabbit-hole this time and I found it! It was this quartz article. So thank you.
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