Ways to use salt and vinegar powder
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In a late night isolation mental health moment I bought a random packet of salt and vinegar powder. It arrived and is a lot bigger than I expected. I'm using it on popcorn and it's fine, but are there other interesting ways I can use it too?
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Quick pickling would be very easy. Add a bit of sugar, finely sliced veg and let sit for an hour or so. For more of an asian flavor, I add soy sauce and sesame oil.
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Chips! Basically make potato (or sweet potato) chips. Don't really have to be paper thin, though better if you have a mandoline. Slice thin, apply a bit of olive oil, apply powder, bake at 400 for about 25 min. I'd also maybe try it in grilled cheese.
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Roast vegetables. hash browns. Probably dust on soups.
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Baked potatoes!
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A lot of dishes can benefit from a little acid, I might keep a covered dish of the powder next to the stove like a salt cellar and then dash it in during cooking. Could also be fun if you're trying to say dry brine something that's usually done in vinegar, like chicken adobo.
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Dust it on fried fish, for vinegar on your fish and chips that doesn't make the crust soggy?

Rim a bloody mary glass with it?

Hear me out: a little on a sweet, fresh tropical fruit like mango or pineapple.

Sprinkle on nuggets of short grain rice for quasi-sushi, topped with cucumber or asparagus or avocado, or, you know, good sushi fish?
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Tipsybumblebee, what would be the advantage of using the powder for pickling over just using vinegar and salt?
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Do you like pork rinds? Because they’re even better with a bit of vinegar dust.
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This is lovely on fresh tomatoes, i find.
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A pub near me does salt and vinegar chicken wings and they're very nice.
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Kale chips!
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I'm not sure an AskMe post has every made me salivate before. Yum.
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All that acid :)
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My grocery store does the salt and vinegar chicken wings too. They're pretty good.
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Use it as part of a dry rub for some pork with the addition of garlic and onion powder, some chilies and paprika, pepper and a bit of sugar to balance. Would be excellent on a fattier cut like a shoulder or some ribs.
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Tater tots!
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Riffing on the chicken wing recipe that others have mentioned, I do just the skin. So good.
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