Susan and Lipstick
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Does anyone remember a counterfactual short story about what happens to Susan from Narnia after she is exiled--like she went to America, became a journalist, worked against the war in Vietnam, as a kind of riposte to Lewis' original?
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Best answer: Are you thinking of this Tumblr post?
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Response by poster: Close, bt not quite, it was written by a woman, and in more of a loose, almost conversational style?
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Response by poster: Brook Horse got it
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Oh! This one? ( I think brook horse almost had it, it's another post from the same tumblr)

On preview: yay! this was a fun diversion.
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It's a great post! Thought of it immediately on seeing your question. Thanks for reminding me of it!
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Gosh, those were wonderful and heartbreaking. Thank you.
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Great read!
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