What eyebrow tint product is the best to cover grey hairs?
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I'm looking for an eyebrow tint product I can use while my salon is closed that will cover some grey hairs and last at least 3 weeks.
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I've used Godefroy Tint Kit in light brown to dye my blonde brows and lashes for a few years now.

No sensitivity issues with careful application, and I get my desired color in about one minute. I use a third of a capsule at a time and the color lasts about 2 weeks, so it's very economical. They also make kits marketed for brows but I haven't tried them.
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I hear you. I've always had sparse brows that were too light. I bought this exact 1000 Hour Brow Dye last month and it's life-changing. I can see my eyebrows again! I LOVE it. If you do get it, make sure to follow the directions and use vaseline all around your brows or it will dye your skin. I haven't used it on my lashes yet but plan to. Did I say I love it? I LOVE IT. Also the dark brown doesn't contain any discernible red notes, which I really dislike, at least for me. I have medium brown auburn hair and chose the dark brown and it's perfect. Used it 3 weeks ago and still looks fresh and no grey/blonde hairs in sight yet.
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Just about a week ago, I bought just for men beard and mustache tint and used it on my brows. It worked great. The base and developer are in two different tubes so you can use it a bunch of times. I used a clean spoolie to apply & tried not to get it on my skin at all, since it was a new-to-me product. I like the results enough to keep doing it in the future even when I don’t have to.
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Seconding Just for Men beard and mustache. It works great and the box lasts forever. I use the enclosed brush, get it on my skin, and have had no trouble.
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Yup, Just for Men! There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube but this is the one I prefer.
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Just for Men Mustache and Beard is also my #1 choice and I've been using it for ~10 years. I carefully apply Vaseline around the perimeter of the area I want dyed and it minimizes the dye temporarily staining the skin (which you can use rubbing alcohol to remove, but it's easier to avoid the issue completely). I use a q-tip to glop the dye on and I keep the dye on for about 15-20 minutes to get any stubborn hairs.
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Seconding the webmistress: 1000 Hour (original formula, not the plant extract version). Depending on where you are, the exchange rate might be favorable to you.
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Thank you all for your recommendations. It's really hard to get some products. I decided to go with the Just for Men Mustache and Beard and checked out DarlingBri's suggested youtube tutorial. It was super helpful. I used it and it was so easy and fast.
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