Chicagoland beach we could "visit" from the car?
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Every Mother's Day since forever, we have gone to Indiana Dunes National Seashore/Park. It is my wife's favorite thing in the world. This year of course we cannot do that, but I really want to find a place where we can at least still enjoy a nice view of a beach and the lake while we sit safely in the car. Do you know of a Chicagoland beach/viewpoint that is particularly nice from the parking lot?
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Best answer: I'd usually recommend Gillson Park in Wilmette but the park district there controls the parking lot and with COVID it might all be locked down.

A better bet might be taking the drive to Simmons Island Park in Kenosha, where you can pretty much drive up to the water and they're not as fussy about access.
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This year of course we cannot do that[...]
Why not? I don't think the dunes are closed or off-limits - though bathrooms and buildings will be shut.
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The first thing that came to mind is my favorite parking structure on the Northwestern campus. Link to Google Street View. I’m sorry to say that I have no idea whether it’s accessible these days.
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I am very fond of the Glencoe beach and there is fairly a large park above it with a nice view of the water. I don't see anything on the park district site about the actual parks being closed. Sadly, the Glencoe Foodstuffs is not open on Sundays right now or you could get a super expensive picnic.

But Kenosha sounds wonderful too.
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You know what, forget Glencoe. You are rightly not going to leave your car and only a few of the parking places at the Glencoe beach would have a really good view and I think a lot of people will try to go there and they may indeed block off the parking lot on the weekend.
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