General Leia art print
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I want to buy a big art print of General Leia now that I have wall space, and a lot of places are having sales today for May the 4th, so it seems like a good time, but I can't find anything I like!

I want a big art print of older General Leia, rather than younger Princess Leia. With Luke is ok - with Han is not. My platonic ideal of a print would be this print by Karen Hallion but it's sold out, as is most of her Leia stuff in her Etsy story.

I do not want Slave Leia, "I love you"/"I know", chibi/cutsie art, Audrey Hepburn drawn as Leia (why is this a thing??), slogans about girl power/rebel/a woman's place is in the resistance, cosplayers dressed as Leia, super exaggerated/cartoony art, drawings of cats with the hair buns.

Art nouveau style would be cool but not required. I definitely want a transformative piece of art as opposed to a very realistic pencil drawing of an existing photo. I have seen Megan Lara's Leia print and though it's not my preferred version of the character, I may wind up going with it. I also really like this Leia print paired with their matching Luke print (which is sold out).

I have spent a lot of time on Etsy and I'm not sure where to start looking next. Suggestions for art sites, artists, or even specific prints would be welcome. Thanks!
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Found this large portrait style which you might like. Here is another but smaller and with a darker mood.
(I don't have experience with Society6 but they have been around a while)
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Pocket Princesses is not your choice for wall poster, but I thought you might enjoy it in passing.
General Leia is an unofficial den mother in this series by Amy Mebberson.
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If you have Facebook, this one is pretty excellent, though more a Carrie Fisher than General Leia image. Looks like Lindsay van Ekelenburg's page is closed for now, though.
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Jen Bartel has a set of Princess Leia / General Leia prints and the General Leia one seems pretty close to what you’re looking for!
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