Replacing a Wok Handle
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I am the owner of one of these woks. On a long-ago move, I lost or mis-placed the wooden handle that screws into the wok. How can I buy or create a replacement?

Option A at this point is to try to find the handle online (or in a hardware store) where I can buy just the handle. The basic design is a long metal rod that feeds through the wooden handle and screws into a threaded hole on the piece of metal connected to the wok.

Option B is to try to get the Wok Shop to send me one.

Why isn't the easy thing Option A? Well, I emailed them. I very quickly (like, within an hour on a Sunday afternoon) got a super helpful response saying they would be happy to mail me a handle and I could just mail them a check for $5 after I received the handle. Since then, I've heard nothing from them. I waited ~2 weeks and emailed a follow-up inquiry and have heard nothing back (it's been about a week since the follow-up email).

I'm not above just buying an entire new wok from them to get the handle, but this seems like overkill.
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Why isn't the easy thing Option A?

Do you mean Option B?
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I'd be wandering around my neigbourhood until I found somebody with a clump of bamboo growing in their yard, and ask them to cut me a piece. Then I'd go to the hardware store and find an eye bolt and washers the right size to make a replacement handle fixing.
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Why isn't the easy thing Option A?

Do you mean Option B?

Sorry, what I meant to say is, "Why aren't I trying the seemingly-easy thing (having the Wok shop send me a handle) first?"
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Two weeks, at the moment, from a shop in San Francisco doesn't seem too surprising. Personally, I'd go with an old napkin or wash cloth and some package tape while waiting. Unless you're keen on learning woodworking.
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Seems worth getting the right handle from the shop. In my one experience, they were not super responsive on email, but calling worked.
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I think you could go to Home Depot, buy a dowel that they cut to length and ask them to drill a hole through it that fits the eye bolt.
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Do you know what the thread size is? Maybe try some bolts of known size so you at least know what to go buy.
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Re: Option B. I ordered a wok from The Wok Shop about a month ago. Crickets for two weeks, during which my order was listed as "invoice printed." Then I had a late night email from Tane telling me that the wok I wanted was out of stock. There followed a 15-message email conversation about replacement options. Then crickets. Then I checked and my order had been cancelled, as I had requested, so I submitted a new order and two days later my new wok showed up.

I think they just have very bursty focus for communication and don't always close the loop. Too, based on the difference between my two serialized order ID#s, they're handling over 250 orders a week during lockdown, so it's probably pretty hectic down there. Which isn't to say you shouldn't MacGyver your own handle, but an official replacement part could still happen.
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