Can I eat this? Canned garbanzofilter vol II
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I shelled two cans of pre-cooked garbanzos to make curry last night and accidentally left them on the counter instead of putting them into the fridge. They sat out in a bowl of room temp water for about 12 hours. Are they a festering pool of bacteria or can I rinse them and put them into the chana masala I'm going to make today?
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I wouldn't think twice about it. Texture will probably be off.
posted by humboldt32 at 2:09 PM on May 3

I get fed up with shelling garbanzos before I've even finished a can, but given that they were open to the air, already had the bacteria from your hands on them, and have no protective acid/spice/salt, I think they're garbage. I'll leave a pot of beans out overnight after boiling them, for what it's worth.
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How wet/ dry were they? Mostly dry (no added liquids)? Rinse and enjoy!
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I would trash it and not think twice. In the danger zone for way too long. Not worth risking food poisoning for a $2 can of beans.
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Moist beans are like the perfect environment for growing bacteria. No way.
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