ID two recent political cartoons?
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Help me locate two recent cartoons I saw on the Internets somewhere. The first one involves dogs, a cat and the Virus; the second (which I thought was by Jen Sorensen, but apparently not) generational conflict.

One was a drawing, depicting various dogs sitting around a long table with one announcing "Success!" because the Virus ruse has worked and the master is always home now - but the one cat present is asking "Why wasn't my department involved with this decision?" I believe this was on Twitter, and was linked to somewhere on MeFi.

The other was in color and depicted stereotypes of Millennials, Gen X, and older people. The first character depicted was a smug Boomer wearing a vest over a tie-dyed shirt, and a baseball cap with a Rolling Stones mouth logo.
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Best answer: Here's the first one. The comments, and the comments to the comments, are pretty good too.
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Best answer: "Is COVID-19 the Apocalypse? Generations React"
By Ward Sutton, in the New Yorker
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Response by poster: Very good - thanks!

(link into the New Yorker)
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