Recs for hiking trail in/near PDX with best space for social distancing
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Hi, that's the whole question! Any ideas on which trails might be best for having a good longer hike and are either more remote or have the best chance to appropriately socially distance oneself? Bonus if it's one of the ones that is still allowing parking. This is for one human to go on a solo hike. Thanks!
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Is the goal to be in nature or to get some good exercise? Because I can think of lots of great walks in pretty neighborhoods, but Forest Park itself has been very crowded of late. And how far out of town would you go?
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There are essentially no regular trails that are going to be wide enough to easily or safely give passing distance, and you'd be walking through a cloud of droplets behind them in any case unless they're wearing a mask (and even then, still a chance). I also imagine that given the number of people with extra time on their hands, probably EVERYONE is looking for just this kind of thing.

From conversations I've had, your best bet for close is going to be to drive up Mt Hood, pull off on a random forest service road, and hike up that aways. Won't be the prettiest, but is likely to be secluded, and the road will be wide enough to allow distance if anyone else had the same thought.
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Response by poster: The goal is to have something nice to do outside the house for a few hours that is pretty but still as safe as can be. Thanks for the heads up about Forest Park.
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Tualatin Hills P&R Nature Parks are still open. The largest is Cooper Mt - it gets busy on weekends so maybe plan a weekday adventure. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is next biggest and is probably equally busy.
For sheer length, Greenway/Fanno Creek and Waterhouse Park might be good.
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Powell Butte perhaps? You will probably need to park in an adjacent neighborhood and walk in.
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I went to Powell Butte a couple weeks ago - the main lot is closed but there's street parking at the bottom of the hill and the park is open. The paths are mostly a lot wider than typical trails and I had no trouble staying six feet from people on a Sunday mid-morning. Calling it a longer hike would be a stretch, but it was nice.
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