3yo CBD oil
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Would you expect CBD oil packaged in May 2017 to still be effective?
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How has it been stored? In a clear bottle on a window sill? Nah. In a dark bottle in a cool, dark place? Probably. I had some last week that was 18 months old and not stored under the best conditions, and it was still effective.
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Response by poster: In a dark bottle in a kitchen drawer. Bonus question: The dosage is 2-3 droppers. There wouldn't be any harm in keeping going after 3, right? My neck is fucking killing me and I'm hoping it might help.
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Well made CBD oil is recommended to use within 2 years, the internet consensus is that if the oil has started to separate or change color then it may not be safe so I would empty a bit out into something clear and see if it still looks like CBD oil, and if it does you are probably fine. If it seems off, spit it out and don't risk it.

How much to use depends heavily on the concentration, for my 6x concentration that would be way too much, but I'm assuming you have a lower concentration if it recommends 2-3 droppers. I would take the recommended dosage the first time you use a certain brand because you're not used to it. It is possible it has lost some potency so if the oil seems fine and you feel like you could use more 20 minutes later that's normally fine, although certainly riskier with an expired one.
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>> it may not be safe
Can you specify what the dangers would be?
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There wouldn't be any harm in keeping going after 3, right?
Not according to my supplier. You might get a bit sleepy and I myself probably wouldn't operate machinery after multiple squirts, but it won't do you physical harm.
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CBD extract is anti-microbial and shelf stable indefinitely.

It’s probably blended with MCT oil, which quite shelf stable as well. Technically 2 years, but it’s a fully saturated stable oil, so it’s honestly probably good for quite a bit longer.

If it’s CBD extract with alcohol, then you’re totally fine. Alcohol is also shelf stable.
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Response by poster: Okay well for future researchers I took twice the recommended dosage and am fine. But fine largely due to the Tylenol 3 I found.
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