Nintendo Switch Online + Kids: privacy settings?
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My young boys recently started playing Mario Kart with their friend via Nintendo Switch Online. Random people from the internet are joining their games and then sending Friend requests (almost one per session, which surprised me). How do I turn this off but still have my kids be able to connect with their real friends?
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I have been playing Animal Crossings with my family and we exchanged friend codes from our profiles and became friends that way. I have set my profile up so people don't get notified when I'm online (otherwise a little message pops up).

The way you can invite folks to your island is either invite friends only or open it to anyone--that is an in game choice. I expect there is a similar interface in Mario Kart?
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Best answer: You can reconfigure the settings on the Switch, not in Mario Kart. See below re: allowing/not allowing people to send you friend requests.

Then this is how to add friends manually, since you're disabling that function for the public:
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