Babycakes temperature
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When using a regular cake recipe but baking it in one of those novelty mini cake pans (like mini muffins but decorative), would you raise, lower or leave unchanged the oven temp?
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I would leave it unchanged but potentially bake for a shorter amount of time (check with toothpick).
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Another vote for same temp, likely shorter bake time.
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I also vote for shorter bake time, AND add that my wired Digital probe thermometer does an amazing job letting me know when cakes are done. I let the batter set a bit before adding the probe, and set it to alarm when it reaches the bottom of the ‘done’ range. Google can tell you internal temp for whatever cake you’re making.

Works for pancakes on the stovetop, too.
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I agree, same temperature but a much shorter baking time.
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Agree with shorter bake time, also flour well (or butter and flour, depending on recipe). In my experience, the little guys are way harder to unmold without errors
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Response by poster: Consensus achieved! Thanks all!
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