Trying to find an adult version of a children's sweatshirt.
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We recently purchased this sweatshirt for my daughter. After she was parading it around the house, my wife had mentioned that she wished they made an adult version of it for herself. My daughter has latched onto that idea and wants to make it a reality for the upcoming Mother's day.

Usually, I would take a challenge like this to make our own, but there is no way I can sew something that any rational person would be willing to wear in public.

Challenge: We are in Finland, amid the current pandemic, and Mother's Day is two weeks away.

Any leads would be great. Thanks!
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Can you search for "lace sleeve sweatshirt"? I don't know who ships to Finland, sorry . But here is something similar on Zalando.
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Here is something similar based in the UK.

Oasis Frill Lace Knit Jumper, Pale Pink
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Not sure what size your wife is, but it looks like that is cut loosely - I would buy the biggest size, which looking at the sizing would be almost a woman's extra-small but might be more like a S based on the loose cut. If it's too small you could cut down the front and make it into a cardigan, and/or cut the cuffs so they are not as tight. This sounds so odd but even as a medium sized woman I've worn that large size.
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Etsy seller eloges has a "handmade" pink-lace-sleeved, gray-bodied version of the top in adult sizes, and Finland is in the drop-down menu for shipping -- might be worth contacting them to see if they can customize.
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