Point and click games to play together remotely (for kids)
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Mrs. Gefilte and I are looking to help out my sister-in-law with some child-minding (kids are 4 and 6) and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for games that we can play online together, remotely.

I was thinking it would be fun to maybe do something akin to Where's Waldo or Hidden Folks (or even something like King's Quest!) and play cooperatively, but I haven't been able to find a game that we can truly play together. The only solution I can think of is to load the game locally and screen share, with the kids telling us what to click on. I've looked on Steam for Remote Play Together options but can't find anything that I think would work well for little kids.

Any recommendations for other options?
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Would you be up for watching music lessons together remotely? You can stop and rewind and have the kids practice. I love these rhythm reading videos. Depending on what is available in your respective households, you can get more ambitious, but basic note reading and rhythm reading don't require any instruments at all.

In terms of games, the game of Nim is a classic and is also a math lesson, but you don't have to explain any of that if the kids aren't interested. We played it with a 7-year-old and they loved being able to trounce their parents once they understood the math. I haven't tried out the linked website (2 player), we just set up a physical game in view of the webcam and had the kid tell us which coins to move.
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The Game of Set was an in-person fave with the same kid when they were five. The linked official site has a solo version that might be able to screenshared with similar success.
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I am an essential work and single mom. With school closed, I had to place my 6 year old daughter with a self isolating family. We've been skyping every day and trying to find fun things to do together.

This isn't exactly what you were asking, but it's close and I hope you find it helpful. Not all of these will be good for the four year old, but here you go.

1. Bingo. She has the cards, I call the numbers using an app. There are a bunch but I was using one called Bingo Caller. She LOVES bingo!

Screensharing via skype:
2. I download books from Amazon Prime Reading For Kids (Free w/ Prime!) in advance and we screen share and I read her books and she can see the pages. They have them for all ages. I have the kindle app on my computer. You can "check out" up to 10 books at a time for free.

3. Guess where I'm hiding: Think of a place in your house, school, or location you both know. Then we play "Guess where I'm hiding" kind of like 20 questions.

4. You sunk my battleship. We both have physical copies.

5. Chess - we both have physical copies

6. We have also had fun with the Caribu App.

7. I screen share a website that reads books also, I like Story Online but there are a ton of free ones.

8. The Classic "Simon Says"

I'm sure there are a few more I'm not thinking of off the top of my head. Hopefully some of these help.
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So my friend has been playing this Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup game online with my 8-year-old while I teach. It's probably not entirely age appropriate but it does work well over Zoom.

We also managed to play Set (with actual Set cards) over Zoom by mounting my phone on a makeshift stand and dialing it separately into the meeting.
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I've been playing more games online thanks to BoardGameArena. They have some simple games like checkers that you could play together in real time or over time. Depending on the kids' levels of skills they might also like games like Reversi or Yahtzee. You can play for free and play private games. What I've heard other MeFites talk about is having a zoom chat open at the same time so you can talk as well as play.I don't know most of the games they have there, there may be other ones that are fun for younger players.
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Humongous Entertainment was a game development company that made point and click adventure games for younger audiences. They were actually founded by a couple of Lucasarts employees. It looks like most if not all of their games are up on steam.
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