Best online form to capture commnity recipes?
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I'm working with a colleague to collect recipes, stories, and photos to create a community cookbook for our clients. Since this is a side project, I don't want everything getting lost in email; I want to create a form they can fill out which will pull to a Google sheet or similar. I've used Typeform and Google forms for projects in the past; should I just use those? Is there something better? I'm especially wondering if there's a form that makes it easier for them to include photos.
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I am not sure how you technical you are, but Google has special data formatting just for recipes, and some years ago even had a custom search dedicated to them. (I removed it from my bookmarks with regret.) Here's their documentation:

Anyway, if you collect the submissions through a Google Form using freeform text boxes with the right hidden attributes (i.e., the names "recipeIngredient" or "recipeInstructions"), you could probably have the data in a Google-friendly format from the get-go.

Just an idea, though. *shrug*
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