Whats a cute board game to play with a 4 yr old over Facetime?
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My little cousin calls me every night on facetime to play a board game together. What's a good game I can buy and send to her, that we can play together virtually?

Like everyone else right now, I can't go visit my loved ones, so we are making do with facetime and zoom calls.

My cousin has taken to facetiming me in the evening so I can chat with him and his four year old daughter. The past few nights we played the Orchard Game which works out well for virtual play. Basically in the game, you roll a die and take the corresponding pieces off the board. The board and the pieces are with them and when it's my turn, I roll a die (that I have) and they move the pieces accordingly.

I'd like to surprise them with a new game we could play together. Whats a good game that A. I can mail to them easily so probably from Amazon or somewhere else that ships fast, B. is appropriate for a 4 year old and C. works in this format, so they'll do most of the action and all I do is roll a die or something on my end? (so, nothing where I'd have to, say, select cards or balance something, where you really have to be there in person.)
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Candy Land.
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Tsuro maybe? You'd have to see the board and select one card of three, but they can be public and the game is still plenty fun. I play with my 5 year old a lot, but we are in the same place. I think if you can figure out how to handle the cards, it would work fine and be fun. Maybe play a modified game where you have to place the top card instead of picking from 3 so it is easier.

My 5 year old also likes matching a lot in various formats. That would work ok.

We play Outfoxed as well. There are dice, but my 5 year always wants to roll for me. It's a cooperative game. So you'd just make decisions about where to move and which dice to re-roll.
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You might like Sleeping Queens - either they can lay out the cards and you can pick yours by pointing, or vice versa. It's also an adorable easy game she can play at home without you.

It says it's ages 8 and up because there's a tiny bit of math to keep score, but you can play that whoever gets 5 queens wins and it's just as fun (maybe more).
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Not exactly board games, but:
My 4.5yo likes to play bingo over Skype with some pals. There are a million different custom bingo boards (eg, Star Wars, insects, etc.) that you can find online, share, and print.

Last week, we also did a "Lego challenge" via Skype: I would say, "OK, everyone build a ... candy cane!" and then the 4 kids online would each build and display their Lego candy canes. Works with Play-Doh, too.
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You could both play Connect Four. I think many 4-year olds like it.
If she knows Uno and you both have a deck, that could work. (My four year old likes Uno and can play it with help from an adult or older sibling). We have also had luck with Guess Who works over video & that age should be able to play.
My kids favorite suggestion is Pie Face. You each need the game and a can of whip cream. In my experience, kids really love Pie Face and it’s a fun gift if the parents don’t mind some minimal clean up and nobody has a dairy allergy.
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Hi-Ho Cherry-O. I think that's good for fours. Clear it with the parent to fine-tune the age level.
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My 4 year old is a terrible cheat at Candyland, which means she loves it and the rest of us don’t enjoy playing it with her.
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^^^Yep, that sounds like Candyland.
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Hi-Ho Cherry Oh for sure. Perfect age and interaction.
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Max is a cooperative board game where you help wild animals in a yard escape the house cat Max. It’s great.
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We've been playing a lot of the "Weird But True" game via video chat. Trivia games in general work well in this format. Also drawing games like Pictionary? Four might be a teeny bit young for both of those now that I think of it, but maybe with teams? Heads Up/Hedbanz or classic charades could work. I've also done freeze dance and scavenger hunts with my Girl Scouts.
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At this age, my kids loved Chutes and Ladders as well as Candyland.
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Hoot Owl Hoot! It's a cooperative game where you work together to get owlets back to their best before the sun rises. Because it's cooperative, cards are face up and seen by all. She could have the physical game and do all the action, and you could work together on strategy.
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