Multiple Alexa audio devices, want multiple streams, multiple rooms.
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We have several Amazon Alexa speakers capable of streaming music. I want to be able to be upstairs and stream some music. While my wife is upstairs with the baby - streaming baby lullabies. Later today I'll have the baby in a different room and she'll want to listen to music she wants. Oh yeah, the kids are upstairs and want to stream something else..

Ideally, I'd like to pay for a service (ads while a baby falls asleep suck.)

I don't want to do two services, nor have multiple accounts. Just "play indy rock in the kids room. Play baby music in the bedroom." More about genres than a specific playlist.

Which service/level do I need? I can pick any (Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Apple, etc.).
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Amazon's Unlimited Family account lets you do this, I believe.
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