Deck of cards with creative problem-solving prompts
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Years ago I remember a deck of cards that had prompts on them for approaching a problem differently. This was a physical deck of cards you could buy, but there was also a fairly classy web page that would turn up random draws for the deck.

When I try googling for it I run across a bunch of business-focussed ones that talk about R&D, market trends and teamwork. The deck I remember was focussed on creative endeavours. I want to say it was the original, or at least a very internet-notable example.

The only specific card I remember was something along the lines of "what if you started at the end and worked backwards?"

If anyone remembers what I'm talking about, or has a link, then i would be grateful.
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Best answer: It's called Oblique Strategies.
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Response by poster: Never fails. Ask for help and you immediately find it yourself.

it was Oblique Strategies - dates back to 1975 so it may well have been the first of its kind.

But gosh-golly there sure are a bunch of similar products nowadays.
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Response by poster: Sorry for wasting your time Zadcat. I've marked you as best answer.
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No worries. I have a version that runs on my Mac. I have no idea where I got it, but it sits on my dashboard (which I rarely look at otherwise). It's occasionally useful.
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Thank you for asking this, Lorc! Discovered there is an app version of the cards. Looking forward to checking this out.
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