Looking for an online collaborative video playlist tool
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I’m looking for an online collaborative video playlist tool or app.

I would like to have an online hangout with friends where people take turns adding songs to a playlist one by one, on the fly. A shared Spotify playlist won’t be suitable because there’s no video (i.e. YouTube) capability. I experimented with a shared YT playlist, but the songs wouldn’t play in sequence; maybe they do when the playlist already has multiple songs lined up, but in the heat of the moment when a video would end it would go to the next one suggested by YT rather than the next one in the playlist.

great.dj is more or less exactly what I have in mind, but seems to be a bit unreliable; both times I’ve used it it worked fine for a while and then the search function and/or users’ ability to add songs, see videos playing, etc. went haywire. I’m even open to a paid service, as long as it fits these criteria:

1. Multiple users being able to add songs on the fly
2. Some sort of chat function
3. The ability to play videos from YouTube/Vimeo/etc. instead of just audio
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Some friends and I have used Watch2gether with a bunch of music videos to have remote dance parties. It says it has integrated chat functionality but I don’t know how it is because we used google hangouts at the same time and were mostly dancing and watching each other dance (and waving to each other etc).
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I used Watch2Gether for a Zoom karaoke party. Its interface is terrible and it has to be reloaded occasionally, but it’s all I could find.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I'll give W2G a try and see if it's less buggy than great.dj.
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