What else can I do with roasted chickpeas besides just snack on them?
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I made pretty basic crunchy-roasted chickpeas for the first time, and even though I'm pretty sure I did it right, it turns out I don't really like them. They're too hard, they're kind of greasy and starchy and tasteless, and I don't want to eat 2+ cups of them as is. Any other ideas?

You might think this would be easy to search for, but all the results are about how amazing roasted chickpeas are. I beg to differ.

Left-field ideas welcome. I'm ready and willing to experiment.
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Best answer: How are your feelings about hummus?

Or..puree them and use them as the base for a soup?

Or.....pasta with brown butter, toasted garlic, chickpeas, and olive oil?
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Toss them into soups, salads, any dish that needs something crunchy. Ooh, treat them like breadcrumbs. Toss over mac and cheese, etc. but you might also try smashing them first.
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I add them to salads - I find that adding something crunchy to them keeps me a lot more interested in them than if it's just a bunch of greens.
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Course chop in a food processor; sprinkle on soups, salads.
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Roasted squash salad with crispy chickpeas. One variation: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/roasted-squash-salad-with-crispy-chickpeas
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Grind the chickpeas into flour and make socca, which is moist if you don't overcook, and takes the flavors of olive oil and spices beautifully.
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Mix them with greens and/or other chopped veggies + a dressing and put it all in a pita
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I toss them into risotto or soupy dishes that could benefit from some texture.
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They'd probably make good felafel.
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Best answer: Assuming any applied spices are reasonably amenable, I'd mix them 50/50 with normal dried chickpeas when making Zahav style hummus. So, in other words, to make a double batch of Zahav hummus, I'd take 1 cup dried chickpeas and treat as usual all the way through cooking.

...then double the tahini/lemon/garlic sauce.

...then, when I go to puree it all, add the 1 cup newly-cooked chickpeas AND 1 cup of my roasted chickpeas. Might need to add a bit more ice water when pureeing to account for the dryness of the roasted chickpeas.

That'd make roughly eight servings if being used as an entree base, so it's a lot of hummus, but I bet it'd be good. Of course, to entirely use your supply you're talking about sixteen servings (2 cups cooked + 2 cups roasted chickpea) which might be a tad excessive.
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Maybe this Crisped Chickpeas with Herbs and Garlic Yogurt? Yogurt might help deal with hardness/dryness.

You can skip the zucchini or do a different vegetable.
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I would make Pasta Primavera and toss them in the pan at the end.
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I'm a big fan of this salad from Serious Eats: Roasted-Chickpea and Kale Salad With Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette
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I’d crush them and use them to crust some fish for frying.
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Response by poster: I soaked them back to soft and made hummus. Not the world's best, but that's fine. We've got celery and cucumber that needs to get used up, so it's a good fit.
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