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Seeking recommendations for YouTube yoga sessions without all the chat

Don't get me wrong, I think Adriene is lovely and sweet and I'm glad so many people love her yoga lessons; I'm just looking for something slightly different.

The best yoga classes I participated in ages ago focused on slow, methodical movements, and really getting into the posture and having time to explore it and "feel" your different body parts in those different poses. I'm not really a fan of any of the currently popular "flow" styles; I find trying to keep up with the constantly changing movements of the teacher too confusing and it just makes me irritated (which shouldn't be the result of yoga!! :) ).

In addition, I would like a teacher who talks only about the poses, describes in detail how they should feel to you, so that you can self-adjust, and skips any chatter about their personal life or spirituality. In short, I would love something where we can focus on the yoga itself and not on the Instagram personality of the teacher (although I understand these are the times and that's how these people have to make a living!). Ideally an hour or longer sessions would be perfect, with slow warm up and slow "warm-down".

If you can think of any YouTube yoga channels (or yoga apps?) that fit these criteria, please let me know!
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Down Dog is free until June 1st and may fit the bill. It’s got computer-generated sequences with pre-recorded narration and demonstrations.
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Best answer: I'd love to recommend the classes with my yoga studio. They aren't free but they do have an inexpensive backlog of recorded sessions as well as ongoing live sessions. Me-mail me if you're interested in links to that. I really love my current teacher as she's incredibly focused on strong core and she does a lot of small movements and adjustments and is really great at explaining things. I now find almost all other yoga classes "too fast" so...?
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It's not YouTube, but if you just want streaming video then check out! It's got a wealth of classes, both free and not, as well as programs of varying difficulty and yoga types to follow.
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You might like this video? Focused on relaxing into the postures, all the talking is about the movement itself.
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Best answer: I don’t have specific online recommendations, but if you’re seeking the type of yoga where you settle into each pose for a while, look for the Yin style.
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I really liked the interface/search criteria and the broad range of styles available on YogaGlo (apparently now branded just "Glo"?). There are some teachers whose classes are what you're looking for and some that aren't --- unfortunately I can't remember specifics of which ones were which. It was ultimately too expensive for me to justify it for the frequency that I was using it, but there is a free trial available for you to check out.

My one complaint about it was that I like to have a bit of soundtrack to my practice, and I guess it was too much of a hassle for them to license music. Or maybe they decided not to have it due to sound quality or some other reason. I could have rigged up my own external playlist, but I just never did.
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Best answer: Iyengar Yoga, as a style, is slow, methodical, and very focused on the mechanics of the posture. Classes are usually 90 minutes long and may features as few as 6 poses that are explained, demonstrated, practiced, and refined. As a former dancer, I appreciate Iyengar's obsession with minute adjustments and proper alignment. Some people can find the teaching style a bit boring or technical, but I like the level of attention and detail. It sounds like you might, too?

You can google to find a studio near you, or take a look at the zoom classes the NYC studio is currently offering.
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I use the Daily Yoga app free and paid versions available for apple & android. Some of the instructors are a little talky, but most of them are just all about the pose.
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