Computer games that players can control from their phones?
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The Jackbox party games only require one player to purchase and run the game software. Other players interact by visiting a website on their phones, and entering a game code. This works great for remote play over Zoom. Are there other games that work similarly? (Either similar party/trivia games, or more board-game- / video-game-oriented things?)
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This one is pretty fun, and in free beta. You learn insane trivia and make up trivia that sounds believable
The goal of the game is to write believable lies about the given topic.
Then, see if you can identify the truth from amongst your friends' lies.
You get points for identifying the truth, and you also get points when people guess your lie.

posted by wowenthusiast at 8:28 AM on April 26, 2020 [2 favorites] and you don't even need to have one person streaming it like you do with Jackbox!
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I was trying to answer this question for myself today. This site looks good for Risk . You pay 5 dollars to be able to play games with friends only, it seems good. Then use discord/ zoom etc to chat in game. Probably better on a laptop than a phone though.
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scribbl is fun, and there's also codenames
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On the board game front I think that's how Dominion.Games works too - one membership paid and then others can join the table.
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Telewave is an open source version of Wavelength and our group had
a blast playing it last weekend.

Here's a few people playing wavelength to explain the (very simple) rules - just watch the first few minutes
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