We're not in Google Voice anymore.
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My cell phone number started out as a Google Voice number, but I ported it to a main carrier back in October. However, when I try to use my number at some places, it still recognizes it as a Voice/VoIP number. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I'm assuming it has to be "updated" in a system somewhere and that there's nothing that can be done on my end. Thanks!
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I ported a landline to Google Voice. I can only assume that because the number is the same as the local exchange that people and certain systems refuse to text to it. I get texts from say Bank of America on one GV number but they refuse to let me set that former landline as a valid cell phone. This has been going on about 3.5 years now.

It is not clear what the ramifications are or the issue is with your number being recognized as a VoIP line. What are you trying to do that is being stopped?

For me, time solved 90% of the issue. I never made an effort to proactively do anything to correct anything. Maybe the exchange, the 3 numbers after the area code is part of some systems that automatically identify it as a VoIP or voice number.
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LIDB lookups are expensive, so most companies don't do them, and instead use a different database that identifies the original carrier based on the first 7 digits of the number and doesn't reflect ports.

Basically, you're SOL if you want to use it with Craigslist or some other service that rejects VoIP numbers for reasons. If you need a number that identifies as not-VoIP there are a few VoIP providers that can help you out, but the easiest option is to buy a $10 prepaid T-Mobile SIM and port it wherever.
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Thank you. That's unfortunate if it'll never be changed. I was trying to update my number with Venmo and another service. Previously, I had used my carrier number in place of Google Voice when that wouldn't work.
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