What was this 2000s folky/Indie song?
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I'm trying to remember a song that I used to hear on WERS in Boston in maybe the late 2000s or early 2010s.

It seemed singer/songwriter, and was sung by a man. It was more folky "guy with a guitar" than much of the Indie music of the time - it seemed a little anachronistic on the Indie college station, but it got a lot of airplay. It was about how with the kids moving back home the house was getting crowded and he wanted a little alone time with "mama". The chorus was something like, "C'mon mama, sneak out your bedroom window, and we'll act like kids again". I feel like this should be more google-able.
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Not a perfect match, but I like to Google - Cold Outside Your Window Mama”?
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Response by poster: Nope, that’s not it, definitely jollier. Like they’re gonna sneak out, have a drink and a smoke and not tell the kids when they’ll be home. I feel like the chorus ended with something like, “come on and be nineteen with me...” with an implied “again”.
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Best answer: It's a song by Don White, "Be 16 With Me". https://youtu.be/C0CWO9xhz40
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Response by poster: That IS it, thank you so much!
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