what's the thing from the 80's that makes shirts shorter?
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Okay it's ungoogle-able because I can't say it succinctly... the plastic O with a slash through it, think Ghostbusters logo, that you would thread the bottom of your shirt through to cinch it and make it shorter... what's that called? so i can buy a few?

Does this ring a bell for anyone? I can't find a picture of it because you can see the difficulty I'm having describing it, and I could draw it but I haven't the faintest idea how to get you to a picture. So here we are... like a plastic O with a line thru it, often bedazzled, that us 80s/90s kids would use to make your shirt shorter instead of knotting it. I bet someone on etsy makes cute ones and I want to support small crafts people while also optimistically prepping for a summer that is perhaps outdoors wearing cute clothes! thanks i *know* one of you will get this.
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Best answer: Apparently they're called t-shirt rings, buckles, or slides. This assortment is just one I found, but those terms turned up a million.
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Best answer: T-Shirt & Scarf Slide, Buckle, Ring, Clip
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Response by poster: THREE MINUTES!!!
y'all rule.
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I literally was pondering this while walking my dog not two days ago, so I appreciate your asking.
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People also used the little ponytail holders to tie shirts up in the back or side.
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